The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the next flagship that every tech enthusiast across the globe would eyeing upon. Previously there have been few news that have popped out regarding the Galaxy Note 4. An insider has reported that Samsung might be testing some new features for its upcoming Galaxy Note 4 at the moment.

One of the new feature includes a “Swipe to launch Motion Launcher” which could be used for the users for a quicker access to wake up the device, open few applications or a camera with a simple swipe. “Smart Fingerprint” feature is also possible by having a fingerprint sensor hardware in order to open some particular functions. Samsung’s recently launched flagship hosts this feature in order to make payments for PayPal.

Another interesting feature includes “Aqua Capture” that would allow to take images and videos underwater just like the “Aqua Mode” of the Galaxy S4 Active. A “Download Booster” replica names as “Multi Network for Booster” could also be introduced. With this users can combine the prowess of Wi-Fi and mobile data network for downloading larger files quickly.

Well, there are still three months for the device to appear and till then many details would be coming our way with newer concepts.