UV sensor protection

Amidst all the rumors, leaks and speculations, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is finally official with a bang! All the rumors have almost turned out to be true! The Galaxy Note 4 is considered to be one of the finest devices from the Samsung camp till date. Taking a quick look at its specs, the Galaxy Note 4 hosts a 5.7” QUAD HD Super AMOLED display, a powerful Snapdragon 805 processor, 16MP camera with OIS and much more(Complete Review here).


Looking to its sensors, the most happening is the UV sensor which is for the first time ever offered in a smartphone. The UV piece on the Galaxy Note 4 will be able to measure sun’s UV radiations, that can be incorporated to prevent burning of skin that increases the risk on melanoma. Apart from just this, the device will also be offering few biometric sensors, heart rate sensor and an improved finger-print scanner.

The device hosts five UV index like Low, Moderate, High, Very High and Extreme. The S Health will play a major role that will issue tips for sun exposure and tanning depending on the place and time-of-the-day the sensor is used for radiation rating. However, for proper measurement of radiation to take place, the user will need to hold the sensor to 60 degrees against the sun.

Ultra fast charging

With battery life and faster re-charging being the main reason for smartphone users this days, Samsung seems to have come with a solution for this One of the special features of the Galaxy Note 4 is its ability to charge 50% of its battery in just a matter of 30 minutes.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 packs a huge battery of 3220mAh of capacity. So even a 30 minute charging would provide sufficient juice for the device to run. The previous Galaxy Note 3 requires about 55 minutes to get up to 50% battery level. Samsung has however not unveiled the specifics of the tech behind this operation. It is said that the processor has a bit contribution to this fast charging feature. Additionally, it could be said that Samsung might have increased the charging amperes with its charger too!

S-Pen from Montblanc

The S-Pen is one of the most notable features of the Galaxy Note 4 series. This time after releasing many teaser videos, it seems that Samsung has paid a considerable amount of attention to its this feature. To make its S-Pen look more luxurious, Samsung has teamed with Montblanc for some special kind of S-Pens.

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As far as the industry of writing instruments is considered, Montblanc is a name to reckon with! Samsung and Montblanc have now teamed together for their styluses of Note 4 which they proudly call it as “digital writing devices”. The new stylus of Note 4 looks really more stylish compared to the earlier ones. The new stylus features swappable nibs for various pen nibs. However, it is unclear for the moment if there exists any special kind of tech behind this. One thing we can assure you is that your experience will certainly be like never before and unforgettable.

Official Images

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