This September, at the IFA event in Berlin we could possibly see the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 breaking the covers officially. The Galaxy Note 4 is rumored to come with many novel features for the first time even though there is no leaked image of the device appearing on the web till date. Based on the recent reports coming from Korean publication ET News, the Galaxy Note 4 is considered to come with a premium metal body design along with a 16MP primary with optical image stabilization (OIS) and a flexible display (Probably the YOUM display unveiled earlier this year).

However, the same report says that the Galaxy Note 4 will also be launched in a plastic version apart from the metal-body. This means that users will have two options to choose in between.

The most exciting news about the Note 4, however, has got to be about the flexible screen. Last year’s Note 3 came with a 5.7-inch screen, which is already fairly huge, and this report says nothing about the likely size of the Note 4, but it does mention that Samsung has ramped up production of flexible panels by 50%, anticipating the launch.

One more thing that has been revealed in this report is the Galaxy Note 4 is likely to sport a 16MP primary with features like OIS. The report shows that that the Korean giant will use its own sensor used in its recently launched Galaxy S5 where OIS is considered to be a new addition. Here is a video of the ‘YOUM’ display released earlier this year.