Before the launch of Samsung’s premium flagship Galaxy S5 this year, there were rumors about the device would come with a retina sensor. However, upon launch the device sported a fingerprint scanner for biometric security. Now the company on its SamsungExynos Twitter account has released a teaser that shows a phablet device focusing on an eye and if the above image is observed very carefully, at the right hand side, you will see a list of bills with a pay button. This could possibly mean a PayPal integration with retina scanner just as we have it with a fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S5.

Moreover, the tagline of the image is “Unlock the Future” which shows that the retina scanner could also be used for unlocking the device. Moreover, the Korean tech giant has also pioneered another of its eye-tracking-feature that prevents the screen from getting dim or locked when a user is still looking at the screen. Additionally the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to host a 3.68MP primary camera according to AnTuTu, but it has to be seen that whether the company uses the same camera for secure retina scans or introduces a completely separate sensor for the job. Well, we would keep some patience till the IFA event to be held in Berlin this September when we expect the device to break covers.