The Galaxy Note, is the most popular and liked after handset series from Samsung! Just after the official announcement of the latest premium flagship Galaxy S5, we saw some rumors for the Galaxy Note 4 coming from different ends. As per every year trend, the Galaxy Note 4 could make an arrival this September.

It is sure that the Galaxy Note 4 will larger display, but the recent reports coming from GSMArena show the device to be having a 1440p QHD display which could be 5.7 inch in measure and offer a larger 515ppi density. Now this could turn out to be one the best display that a smartphone would have till date.



A QHD offering for the Galaxy Note 4 could be strongly predicted as Samsung seems to be always on the edge of offering some super high quality screens.

At the moment, anything over 1080p for a smartphone would overkill, be it would great to see Samsung TouchWiz and Android KitKat laying over the ultra-high resolution screens.

This recent report coming from GSMArena in from a leaked document which shows the Galaxy Note 4 to be given a codename “Muscat” and operating under “Project T” internally. Well, within the coming months we are sure that some more light will be focused on the device as time approaches its possible release date of September.