Over the last few months, many details of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have emerged one by one. Recently we got the information about its ultrasonic cover and camera, and now details about the fingerprint sensor of Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy Note 4 have been leaked.

The Galaxy Note 4 will feature Synaptics Natural ID technology that is used in Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Alpha. This technology has LiveFlex™ which splits the fingerprint sensor into two, with one part integrated with the main touch screen and the other with the home button. Both parts work in tandem to load the ID.

Like the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Note 4 fingerprint sensor will allow locking-unlocking of screen, authentication for private mode and verification of Samsung and PayPal Accounts. Apart from these, the phablet will come with certain additional features.

Samsung fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint Shortcut feature

The Galaxy Note 4 will have a ‘Fingerprint Shortcut’ feature through which specific apps and functions can be assigned by a user to the fingerprint of a particular finger. When the user swipes with the finger to unlock the device, apps assigned to that finger will launch.

Web Sign-In feature

The ‘Web Sign-In’ feature allows the user to use registered fingerprint for logging in to a website. The user will have to log in manually for the first time and enable the ‘Sign in using fingerprints’ feature. The Galaxy Note 4 will remember the logging information and next time the user can can log in with just a swipe of the finger.

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Alpha may get these additional new features via updates in due course once the Galaxy Note 4 goes official. Samsung’s new flagship phablet is set to debut at the company’s Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 on September 3. Meanwhile, Samsung has already launched a couple of teaser videos highlighting the S Pen features.