Samsung released three versions of its brand new Galaxy Note 4 phones in China. These phones come with with Dual-SIM support. The Dual-SIM feature allows you to have two networks active on the phone at the same time. You can receive and send messages from any SIM you want. You can also call other people and receive calls from both SIM cards.

On all three Galaxy Note 4 models there is a sort of primary and secondary SIM card slot. The primary or first slot supports LTE both types of LTE (TDD and FDD). It supports Chinese and international LTE.

The secondary or second slot is to be used for 2G only (900/1800/1900). All of these slots use MicroSIM cards.

The carrier-free version of the Galaxy Note 4 supports both TDD and LTE. This allows support for China Telecom and China Unicom as well as one more carrier. This means that it should work on either of these Chinese carriers. The China Telecom version and the SIM-free version both offer 2G and 3G CDMA on both SIMs.

As for the prices, the single SIM version is to sell for CNY 5,200. The SIM-free version of the phone is priced at CNY 5,400. This is about $880 or €700. We still don’t know the price of the other two phones though.