Over the past week, the “A” series models from Samsung are getting leaked with model numbers SM-A300, SM-A500 and SM-A700 and are likely to be launched as the Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 and the Galaxy A7. Each of these three device have once again been in news with their pricing along with some more details for the Galaxy A7. However, rumors have said that these devices would be available only in few selected countries.

This might be a strategically approach from the Korean tech giant as it has recently announced the Galaxy Alpha and with the launch of Galaxy A7, it is quite possible that it might overshadow the Galaxy Alpha. For this reason, Samsung might bring up the Galaxy A7 only to countries where the Galaxy Alpha would not be released.

Looking to the pricing these devices would stand for, it seems that the Galaxy A7 would cost somewhere around $450 to $500, the Galaxy A5 would be costing in between $400 to $450 and the Galaxy A3 would be the cheapest of the lot costing in between $350 to $400. Note that all these prices have been assumed for the unlocked versions of these devices. Another good thing from the connectivity point of view seems the inclusion of 4G LTE connectivity. The device are likely to be announced in a very short time soon.