The upcoming Samsung flagship the Galaxy S6 that is seemingly facing up some heating issues with the Snapdragon 810 currently is said to launch some early units with the company’s own cooked Exynos 7420 chipsets only. The good news is that the Exynos 7420 chipset has just paid an visit to the Geekbench site. The chipsets multi-core tally was 5478 and the single-core tally was 1520. These results seemed to be more likely to the Galaxy S6 prototype that had undergone the benchmark test. The chipset has been made using the big.LITTLE architecture wherein the Cortex A57 cores are used for heavy duty jobs and the Cortex A53 cores are used for less intensive tasks. Due to the slower cores, the overall clock speed for this has been made to 1.5GHz.

However, based on the benchmark test, the Galaxy S6 prototype was shows running with 3GB of RAM amidst speculations for the device to be hosting 4GB of RAM modules. With more and more new cooking day-by-day we would surely like to hear an official word on this from the company itself.


source: Geekbench