In case if you are a Samsung user carrying Galaxy Note 4 and you use a lot of your device to surf the internet, check and reply to your email or even play games, you might be always running out of battery life. The inbuilt battery is quite capable of surviving Note 4 for at least a day. for a brief period of time, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been the longest lasting Quad HD phone in the market before it was replaced by Motorola’s DROID turbo. However, if this is not enough for you, you might want to take a look at the official battery kit from Samsung.

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The official extra battery kit for Galaxy Note 4 is available from ShopAndroid for just $37.95. It comes with a 3,220 mAh battery, a transparent plastic protective case to carry the battery safely and the battery charger which will charge the battery up to 1.7A. The microUSB cable does not come with the kit so you have to use your own cable for charging. The official replacement battery without the charger kit is also available from Shop Android for just $27.95. The wall/car charger sold separately.

Please also bear in mind that this battery will not work with Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

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