Many of you know that among the top tier technology companies Samsung holds a prestigious place. Originally based in South Korea, the company enjoys very close ties with many well-known technology companies of United States. Many of these renowned companies are situated in the famous technology hub of the world known as “Silicon Valley”.

To thrive in ever-growing technology market Samsung has to stay in line of competition with its partners and rivals like Google, Apple etc. who have their HQ in the Silicon Valley; Samsung has also decided to spend $300 million on company’s new HQ in San Jose, California, which is the capital of well renowned technology hub “Silicon Valley”.

Samsung Enters Silicon Valley With $300 Million HQ

Having a total area of 1.1 million square feet, Samsung’s new HQ in Silicon Valley is a ten story complex. Apart from HQ’s extraordinary architectural design, the focal temptations of the complex are “fitness center in the sky” and a room dedicated to the clean production of semiconductor. This new HQ building will act as Samsung’s headquarter for semiconductor branch in North America and also as a base for various sales and marketing operations of the company in United States.

The architecture company NBBJ, which won the contract for building new HQ for Samsung, is already done with 85% of the work and is just left with the jobs related to the interior and landscaping of the HQ Building. Up till now Samsung hasn’t declared the number of its employees who will be working at its new HQ Building in Silicon Valley.