Samsung Electronics is working on its own version of processor since four years ago. The company has plans to use it on Galaxy S7. The processor will be running on 64-bit. Most of the mobile processors in the market currently is using ARM’s standard CPU core even though it seems like each mobile companies are coming up with their own version of mobile processor. The newly released Samsung Galaxy S6 is using Exynos 7420 which is also using ARM Cortex design. It is quite powerful but it still cannot be matched with Apple A8 chipset eventhough it is faster than Apple’s mobile processor.

Apple’s A processor series are also using ARM’s design even though the Cyclone core version is partially modified so that it can be suitable to run on iPhone and iPad. Qualcomm, another mobile processor manufacturing company, has invented its own Snapdragon series. However, the design is also using ARM’s design with the custom core Krait which is also implemented in the product for stability. Krait is planned to be used in Snapdragon 820 onwards. Currently, Qualcomm has just released Snapdragon 810 series to the market.

Other mobile manufacturing companies are also starting to produce its own version of processor by purchasing the design from ARM, companies such as LG Electronics, Huawei and MediaTek.