After the big announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S Edge last month, rumors for the next Samsung flagship have already started to begin. An unnamed source from the hometown of South Korea has claimed that Samsung’s display division aka the Samsung Display is reportedly for the next flagship handset from the Samsung camp which would most probably be the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S7. As per the ETNews, Samsung has already announced that the company would need nearly 8 million panels for the upcoming Galaxy S7 as the production begins. As a result of this, the display production unit at Samsung has already started to expand its largest factory which is said to switch the manufacturing process from glass to polymide.

Polymide polymer has been very largely used in the manufacturing of OLED displays. However, the manufacturing using this material is bit difficult and Samsung would need to find a way to meet the demand. The new expansion of the manufacturing facility is said to be completed by this August. An Samsung official has claimed that

“The expansion is inevitable because it has been announced that Samsung Electronics have requested of 8 million flexible panels per month for Galaxy S7″.

Well another device that would be closely watched out this year would be Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with its display and there is also an edge version of the handset expected. This means we could expect the second generation Note Edge from the Korean tech giant ahead by this September.

source: ETNews