In its recently held special event, Samsung disclosed its detailed plans for offering improved batteries and camera sensors in its upcoming mobile devices. The new mobile batteries and camera sensors would be thinner in size and will pave way for the South Korean tech giant to offer much improved and slimmer smartphones and tablets to its customers. These new technologies would be made available on mobile devices the company would be releasing in 2017.


Samsung is developing high energy density batteries. Battery having an energy density of 700Wh/l (Wh/l-Watt-hours per liter) is currently in the works. The company is expecting to increase it to 750Wh/l by 2016 and 780Wh/l by 2017. Since the energy density will increase, the new batteries will be thinner compared to present day batteries for the same capacity. Or to put it in another way, a battery with the same dimensions will pack higher energy compared to the current one.

Samsung is also trying to get a higher voltage from the batteries, expecting to get 4.40V in the next few months and increasing it to 4.5V by 2017 which will contribute towards a better battery life. Besides enhancing the energy density and voltage of batteries, the company disclosed that it is also working to improve its fast charging-technology to allow users to charge 80% of the battery in 30 minutes.

Samsung-high-energy-density-batteries Samsung-fast-charging-batteries Samsung-fast-charging-batteries-2

Camera Sensors    

Samsung also announced details about the new camera sensors it is developing for mobile devices.  It is the new RWB camera sensor, RWB standing for Red, White, Blue, which is the color pattern of the sensor. The RWB sensor will provide “better color fidelity” to the photos.

The new camera sensors will have pixel size of only 1 micron compared to the current industry standard of 1.2 microns resulting in a decrease in thickness from 6.5mm to 5mm for a 16MP sensor and from 5.2mm to 4.5mm for a 13MP sensor. So the new camera sensors will be thinner. Smaller pixel size can deteriorate the image quality but Samsung is sure to come up with a solution for that just like Nokia and Sony did.

With the new enhancements Samsung is working on, its future mobile devices are sure to offer users a better image quality and an improved battery life.

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