Earlier today, Samsung has released an official announcement regarding the new feature for the smartwatch OS in the company’s Tizen Developer Summit 2015 in Bangalore. The OS which is known as the Tizen OS will be implemented for the smartwatch which built with a round bezel ring surrounding the product’s display screen. Therefore, by using this ring, users will be able to navigate through the apps by rotating it.

Tizen OS is Samsung’s open source OS for smartwatch especially those which is built to have a rounded display screen size. However, the company did not mention specifically that it is for the upcoming Gear A smartwatch or any other product. Gear A smartwatch will be Samsung’s first smartwatch with round display screen size and it is most probably going to have that feature.

On top of that, the device is also rumored to come with a dual-core Exynos processor, a 768MB RAM, a 4GB internal storage and a 250mAh battery size. Other features such as display resolution of 360 x 360, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi as well as 2G cellular connectivity.

A recent rumors also mentioned that Gear A smartwatch will also have Samsung Pay capabilities but with limited functionality. There is no confirmation from Samsung regarding the specification so far but Samsung will officially showcase the device on August 13 in the Samsung’s event.