What is happening?

Next week Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch are going to be fully released for the consumers. At the moment, a very small amount of people have these two devices. They are considered very lucky because they are the first ones to experience Google I/O. However, before the full release of these two devices, Google is updating their software. The shipping of Samsung Gear Live will begin from Tuesday whereas the shipping of LG G Watch has already started to a limited number of users.

The update

KMV78V is the software update for both of these devices. It is labeled as Android 4.4W, and it is actually a modified version of Android 4.4KitKat. The software update does not include any changelog. The update is for fixing some bugs; therefore, it is a very small update, and not a big one. A prominent bug that was needed to be fixed was about Samsung Gear Live. This bug was always causing the problem which would make the device to invert the face colors of the watch whenever the display got dimmed.


The installation of software update is not difficult. First of all the software will download on the customer’s smartphone. From there, via Bluetooth connection, it will get transferred to the smartwatch. In case there are other types of fixes found in the software, we will keep you informed.