The recent news on Samsung and BlackBerry teams up is really amazing for the users because this ensures the security level of the Android smartphones’ solution of Samsung brand. The news report that BES12 (BlackBerry Enterprise Server 12) joins with the Samsung’s KNOX security platform for enhancing the security level of Galaxy smartphones starting from the earlier 2015.

Improved user experience, security enhancements and a different platform for personal and business data storage are some of the benefits because of Samsung KNOX and BES12 agreement. More information of the Android security enhancement will be available on site too!

Samsung KNOX reported that it is very easy to hack for any professional hacker and the Canadian company suggested using more secure to protect Android solutions. As a result, Samsung comes to a deal with the BlackBerry to combine to enhancing the Android security level.
Although Samsung is now a partner of BlackBerry in the field of mobile security, they will be competitors in the mobile market field like before. The manufacture believes that the competition will be similar like before because BlackBerry declined an offer of market share last year.