Poor iPhone users

Problem with iPhone users

Samsung’s new commercial tells us that iPhone users do not love walls rather they have to stay close to walls due to a major problem in iPhone. This advertisement emphasizes the problem with the battery of iPhone which is not sufficient. Due to this problem, the users have to charge their iPhone again and again which keeps them stuck to the walls making them unsocial.

What makes Samsung better

The advertisement is a very funny one. It portrays that people who use iPhone have to stay very close to walls because the internal battery of iPhone doesn’t lasts long, and the users have to keep charging it again and again. Samsung, on the other hand, is continuing with its special tradition of making a removable battery cover. The Korean tech giant’s latest mobile phone Galaxy S5 also has a removable battery cover. The commercial gives a message to the general public that because of the removable batter cover, Galaxy Phone users are able to change the batteries within a minute; therefore, that gives them more time to enjoy other things in life.

The question

The question is what does the general public thinks of this commercial. Are the viewer’s really impressed by the argument presented by the Samsung? Or do the users think that the company has exaggerated the advantages of having removable battery covers?