Samsung and Apple seem to be fighting on Patents, however the Asian giant still supplies the largest number of displays to Apple.

Market research firm DisplaySearch has produced a new report via CNET and ZNET Korea. According to this report, Samsung supplied 5.2 million units of high-resolution 9.7-inch panels, which are used in the two famous apple devices. iPad air and 4th generation iPad are the two devices by apple that will use the display panels by Samsung.

It is important to note that Samsung and Apple are in the news regularly because of their rivalry and complaints over infringement. That is why apple is expected to have generated a lack of trust in Samsung because of these continuous reports of tension between the two giants. However, the technological advancement of Samsung has bagged it the place of biggest supplier of display panels for Apple.

The percentage of total panels shipped to apple by Samsung is said to be 62%. On the other hand, a long time partner of Apple, LG, has shipped 38% of the panels to the company. It is also been stated that apple turned its attention towards Samsung for its displays of Retina iPad mini because of the low yields problem faced by LG displays. 

Apple and Samsung are now the two biggest competitors in the market, but still we do not expect Apple to cut back on its purchases of Display panels from Samsung. Therefore, we can expect them to continue this partnership in the future until Apple finds an alternative for Samsung’s technology and production capacity.