Well, just as the RAM and processing power are important factors for smooth operation of the smartphone, so does the speed of flash storage play a vital role! Recently, Korean giant Samsung has produced the world’s first eMMC 5.1 memory chip and it said that it could be possibly seen in the upcoming Galaxy S6.

This new NAND flash storage from Samsung offers better performance compared to the older SSDs’. According to Samsung, the 64GB flash storage could achieve 250MB/s od data reading speed and 125MB/s of sequential writing speed. In case of random read/write performance, Samsung sees a 11,000 IOPs and 13000 IOPs respectively. This is nearly 7 times faster as compared to the external microSD card. This new chip also offers the special commanding queuing function where in it queues multiple commands in advance rather than after completing the previous. This plays a major role in multi-tasking operations.

The company has also said that it almost on the process of shipping these new chips to “some smartphone and tablet OEMs“. Well, this leads us to suspect that could the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 host this flash memory?

source: Samsung

via AnandTech