Samsung and Apple are considering having dual camera on their smartphones as their next generation technology. By dual camera, it does not mean the front and the back or different location. The definition of dual camera by the two companies is placing two cameras at the back of the smartphone at almost the same location, beside each other.

Some of you might be wondering what is the benefit of having two cameras at the back of your smartphone? Well, one of the cameras can focus on the subject whereas the other camera can record the background and thus the quality of the image produced will be better even under a poor condition. On top of that, the technology can be used to produce 3D images as well as other applications such as augmented reality. With two cameras, the error margin in the color precision can be reduced and thus it will produce a clearer image.

In alignment to this, Apple has bought Linx Computational Imaging in last April for about 20 millons USD.  Linx is specialized in image sensor and processing technologies which Apple needs if the giant technology company wants to have a dual-camera feature on its smartphone.

Samsung Electronics, on the other hand, is working on a processor which can process dual-image signal. The newly released Exynos 7420 processor is seen as the pioneer towards the steps to having a dual-camera on Samsung’s smartphones.

Well, we cannot wait for this technology to be realized, can we?