The Sailfish OS launcher for Android was recently demonstrated by Jolla on the Sony Xperia Z. Sailfish OS is a Linux based operating system for mobiles and has been developed by Finnish company Jolla. At present it is available in the Jolla phones. Sailfish OS has been ported on Google’s Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and few others.

The Sailfish OS launcher for Android was announced in MWC this year and was demonstrated on Sony Xperia Z. Mind you, Sailfish OS launcher for Android this is just the launcher and not the full OS. Also, the launcher at the time of demo was in early beta stage.

Coming to the Sailfish launcher, it was launched on to the Xperia Z for a demo.  The demo shows that the Homescreen and app screen are vertically scrollable while the apps are operated by the Sailfish’s unique ‘swipe gesture’ as can be seen in the video below. There is also a pull down menu.

There are still certain bugs which the company is working on. The Sailfish OS launcher for Android which the company plans to release by June-end on Google Play Store will see these bugs fixed. Many Android users are eagerly waiting for the launcher to be released so that they can experience the Sailfish user interface.