Well, earlier this year Apple released its 4.7inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5inch iPhone 6 Plus that is still the largest selling device in the market. However, in case you are missing the 4inch iPhone, we would like to let you know that your wait could end in the coming year. Recently Apple Investors received a note from analyst Timothy Arcuri that claims that the company is currently working on a possible “iPhone 6s mini” which would having the same design pattern as that of the iPhone 6 and would deliver the power like that of iPhone 5s. This means that the successor to the not so successful iPhone 5c could be coming next year. Rumors also say that Apple might make use of Qualcomm chipset to reduce its cost.

Apple went to its big sized screen for its iPhone 6 looking at the customer demands but it seems that the company is yet not ready to remove its 4inch option. For all the Apple loyalists who have loved the 4inch smartphones from the company having a smaller form factor, this could prove to be a freat news for them and that too at some cheaper cost.

In addition to the smart, Acruri has also suggested that the Cupertino giant is also currently working on a 12.9inch iPad that could be released some time in Spring 2015. According to the analyst this larger tablet with fresh new look could turn out to be hot selling device for the company with a 15 to 20 million of initial shipments. However, earlier this month there were rumors for a 12.2 inch iPad Air Plus from Apple with a possible release in Q2 of 2015.

via AppleInsider