Most of the mobile players in the market have their own music subscription service. According to some of the reports from Billboard, the Cupertino giant is facing some hurdles for its music sales and it is likely that the company would expand its service getting iTunes app to a much broader audience such as Android. The reports show that the iTunes music store could soon make its way to Android in the form of dedicated app like the Google Play Access. This sounds to be quite pragmatic as even Google has its music services on the iOs AppStore.


Looking to Apple’s way of working, i.e. keeping their things to themselves, very few would have expected this move from the Cupertino giant. But is seems that Apple was to extend this service so that it can get a good marketshare from android users as well. But with an already dense market, Apple may have to fight for its share more aggressively. But this news is actually very much floating in the air with no such official word from Apple itself!