More or less six months ago, the Ascend P7 was released in the market, and as a new report from China was saying, its successor is possibly on its way. And here is the first leaked detail of what the Huawei Ascend P8 might give us.

As per MyDrivers, the Ascend P8 is already undergoing internal system evaluation. But the first major information that we are talking about features its superficial parts. The new Huawei handset was rumoured to be using metal and ceramic for its body. Yes, the choices were promising a very chic and high end appearance for the Ascend P8 but this should not give rise to worries. Because it was supposedly stated that it would cost 2,999 CNY (~$489).

Still according to the same source, MyDrivers, the P8 might be showcasing a 5.2-inch display with 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution or a ppi of 424. The panel, which would be furnished by a yet to know Taiwanese manufacturer, would be 2.5D type narrowing on the edges similar with that of the iPhone 6. Another buzz we are hearing was that it might be run by a 16 nm FinFET octa-core Kirin 930. But we are a little critical on this. Since TSMC is anticipated to ship as advanced silicon late 2015 being the earliest.