A fresh report out of South Korea says that Apple Watch 2 display will have the same shape, size and resolution as the first generation Apple Watch. Looks like Apple is sticking to the same square face for its next gen smartwatch. If the report is true, fans who were expecting a round watch face from Apple will be disappointed.

Apple Watch 2 will apparently have the same 1.32-inch 272 x 340 resolution OLED display for its 38mm version and 1.5-inch 312 x 390 resolution display for the 42mm version like Apple’s current Watch. Currently, LG alone supplies glass screens for the Apple Watch but according to the new report, Samsung will also be supplying the flexible OLED display to the Cupertino giant along with LG. This contradicts earlier rumors claiming that LG will remain the sole display supplier for the next gen Apple Watch too.

It is said that to accommodate a bigger battery, the Apple Watch 2 display might be thinner compared to the precious version. Lower battery life is one of the main issues with the Apple Watch. Improving the battery capacity will keep the Apple fans happy. There are also rumors that the upcoming Apple Watch 2 will be a standalone device like Samsung’s Gear S so it can make calls and receive calls and notifications by itself without requiring it to be paired with an iPhone.

The Apple Watch 2 is expected to be launched by the company next year.