With the launch date-1st March coming closer the rumor mill for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is getting stronger. The recent report from the company’s hometown of South Korea shows that the Samsung Galaxy S6 would come with a built-in wireless charging meaning without the need of cables anymore.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 that is said to be coming with an all-metal unibody and the first in the flagship Galaxy S line, the company seems to have deviced a effective inductive charging for the Galaxy S6 compensating for the sealed battery compartment. This might help a lot for the rich accessories which the handset is said to come along with.

Now, if the company is to have a all-metal unibody for the device, the wireless charging would be difficult to be implemented effectively. This means that it could be possible that Samsung might keep the frame of the device to be of metal and the front and the back covered with a premium glass. We have no images at the moment to support his as a proof and so we would like you to take it with a pinch of salt.

source: Naver

via G4Games

image courtesy: Redmondpie