We all understand that Android makers don’t significantly like homeowners or developers tinkering around or maturation their devices. In a very bid to escape such happenings, Samsung has determined to lock down the boot loader of the Galaxy S5 even deeper than its precursor, so creating it troublesome for developers to achieve root access.

While alternative S5 variants are lucky enough to receive root (and on some, unbarred BL) upon unharness day, we have a tendency to up here on the Verizon have had the unfortunate expertise of ever-increasing doubt in whether or not root are achieved on our device. Because the logical (and expected) progression from the S4, the S5 is bolted down tighter than a drum – and also the agreement on this device is that root would be warrant higher accolades, than what root and unbarred boot loaders would have fancy in past Galaxy devices. I’d wish to in person supply a $500 bounty to the primary person ready to notice or produce a technique, exploit, or unlock that enables us to completely root and supply the required steps for maturation the Verizon (and currently, ATT) Galaxy S5 here on XDA. I’m hoping this bounty, like any others that opt to pledge here, would be useful motivation to the developers willing to take a position the time and energy in serving us to unlock the potential of this excessive new device. Or (where appropriate) that this bounty are a modest counter-offer to alternative possible sources of income for such work.

As the level of issue will increase with every new device, the extent of appreciation and admiration for those willing to seek out (and facilitate find) such exploits will increase exponentially. I cannot categorical my feeling enough, for people who value more highly to tackle such a trial. During this vein, I’d extremely encourage any and every one VZW/ATT S5 users to think about pledging a donation towards the efforts in serving to us succeed this first-step. Please think about breakage in to the current bounty, as this could solely facilitate increase our probabilities – and can facilitate keep our variant within the minds of these who are keen and skilled of finding an exploit. People who need to assist notice an exploit, like myself, however that lack the data and skill in Linux/java – this can be your chance to assist by conducive inside your suggests that. To reemphasize; this bounty is for completing a root method/exploit solely, and can apply to an unlock that precedes a precise root methodology.

And many members of the XDA Forums have currently move to supply a present or bounty for a developer who is ingenious enough to achieve root access on the Galaxy S5 consecutively on the VRU1ANCG build. Composed from discrete contributions and pledges, the $18,000 is offered to the developer who comes up with an operating root for the device.

If you think that the answer is with you, certify you submit a post on XDA with a bit-by-bit orientate the way to get laid, in order that different users will strive it too. You may additionally get to offer legitimate proof that your procedure is purposeful by posting valid screenshots. The money reward can then be wired to you via PM by every member who pledged to supply the reward. Prominently looking forward to anyone determined about becoming a candidate during this challenge to seek out a method for root.