Facebook has launched a new apps “Rooms” which allows users to participate in a group conversation and/or create their own topics that they are interested in. The new apps is currently launched for iOS only.

“Rooms” lets you create a community whereby you can share any topics with the other users who have the same interests without caring too much about where you live, what you look like or how old are you. That is the beauty of internet. We are as of the same size and shape online.

You can imagine “Rooms” as in a room inside a house whereby each room consists of a community. This room can have similar or different topic. The room creators can design their own room depending on their preference. They can change the text, add emoji on your like button, add cover photo, and customize member permissions and also the permission to allow other user link to your content in the web.

There is also a feed of photos, videos, and text which is similar to Facebook or Instagram.  You can also set a different nickname for each of the room. For example if for the room to discuss travel, you can put your nickname as travel123 whereas if for the room to discuss about cooking, you can put your nickname as chef123.

Lastly, if you think that your room has potential to grow to a successful community, you can email to [email protected], along with the invitation to your room so that the team can help you to succeed.