Ritot is a smartband in development which, with the help of a projector, casts the notifications on the wrist. The concept is similar to projection clocks but it is present as a wearable band.

Ritot: Smart Band With Built-In Pico Projector

The prototypes are said to be designed with fashion sense. They are more appealing than normal smartbands. The band is made up of aluminum with leather covering.

With the shake of your wrist or with the touch button you can activate the pico projector in the band which will then display apps notifications, messages, weather alerts and your Twitter and Facebook messages on your wrist. The smart band will support Windows Phone, iOS and Android smartphones.

The smartband is designed so you can take it anywhere. You can wear it while jogging and its waterproof so you can even swim with it. It will also come in sport version which will use rubber and plastic as covering instead of leather and metal. The downside for now is that neither version includes tools like heart rate monitor or even a step counter.

Its battery can last up to 150 hours in projection mode and lasts a month in standby mode. It can be charged wirelessly with a dedicated pad. The pad also shows time and can be used as an alarm clock. The pad can also be used to adjust the settings of the smart band; you can change projection color and set it for the use in right or left hand.

The Ritot makers have passed a campaign for fund raising on IndieGoGo. They have already passed their funding goal. The final product will arrive in January or February next year. You can also take part in funding and order one smart band for $120 or two for $200. Once the campaign is finished the retail price is set to be $160 per smart band.