Based on the recent reports published by Reuters, Microsoft seems to be planning to bring its digital private virtual assistance Cortana on iOS and Android platforms. For the moment, this is available only as a beta version of Windows Phone 8.1 devices in few selected regions and a global roll-out can be expected later in 2015. The reason behind this rumor that Cortana could feature on Apple and Google platforms is basically due to the fact that Microsoft seems to be planning to expand the user base for its software products.

In this field of digital personal assistance, three big tech giant namely Apple, Google and Microsoft have tried their hands with their own Siri, Google Now and Cortana. However, Cortana seems to be having an edge over its other two rivals and is surely ahead of the pack. Once Cortana would find its way to Apple and Google platforms the competition is going to get even more stronger and Apple and Google will really have to work-out to put in line its Siri and Google Now respectively to be equally competent enough with Cortana.

source: Reuters