We are well aware that Android 4.4.3 is on its mode to compatible devices, however there’s still no correct plan on what major changes the new update can bring back the table. And simply once we started thinking that it’s simply a progressive update, a replacement image has shown us what seems to be reformed onscreen steering buttons.

As you’ll be able to see higher than, it’s considerably totally different from what Google offers currently, that has been around since the times of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, therefore one would say that a refresh was long delinquent.


The home button seems to be ditched in favor of the Google button, which may take users on to the home page whereas a long press would open Google currently, a bit like it will currently. Therefore we tend to don’t assume it’ll be plenty completely different in terms of practicality.


It is said that the Google buttons are replaced by a home button whereas inside an app, though there’s no explanation on this nevertheless. We tend to can’t facilitate however treat this leak with skepticism, a minimum of till we’ve got confirmation from Google. What’s your take on this disclosure? Does one see it coming back to fruition?