Well, there has been lot of rumors these days regarding Samsung to arrive with an Edge variant along with the upcoming flagship Galaxy S6. Now the recent leaks coming from the company’s home-town of South Korea shows that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge would be having a dual curved screen and the leaked image shows the handset to be covered with a Verus branded armor case.

In the image you can the Galaxy S6 whose camera and heart rate is positioned to the left of camera and at the side of which the purported Galaxy S6 Edge can also be seen. Looking very closely, you can figure out dual curved screen for the device as the display is seen to be folded on both the sides. Moreover, the positioning of the volume keys has also been done very nicely placing them under the display’s left edge.

Well things will surely get clear on the 1st of March at the MWC 2015 event next month.

source: CNET Korea via PhoneArena