The recently launched premium flagship from Samsung, the Galaxy S5 comes with a very powerful display and some novel software features that it hosts. One of the specific feature that Samsung has been very keen to flaunt ever since its launch is the finger print scanner and a heart rate monitor below the camera. At a recent forum in Hong Kong, Samsung senior VP Rhee In-jong said “We’re looking at various types of biometric [mechanisms] and one of things that everybody is looking at is iris detection” and mention that the company is keen enough to bring it to low end smartphones as well.

However, till now, Samsung has yet not used such biometric sensors on any other devices apart from the recently launched Galaxy S5 and the change would certainly be welcoming by the smartphone user community. People who fall in the mid-range consumer segment would certainly be benefitted as Samsung holds a huge pool of customers in this segment.

We would like to see whether Samsung brings these feature ahead in tablets as well or will it limit to smartphones only. With the gaining popularity of Samsung tablets, this feature could likely be seen there as well. Apart from this, the company could also bring iris scanner to the devices which has been rumored since long.