There is a lot hype created with the Apple’s recently launched Pay system Apple Pay these days. However, it seems that its certainly not going to be cake walk for Apple to establish this method in mobile. This is because recently a number of very high profile retailers like BestBuy, Rite Aid and Walmart have announced that they would not support this latest creation from the Cupertino giant.

Some merchants have even disabled or modified the NFC readers in their stores to shut out the Apple Pay. The reason behind all these is said to be the Current C which is a payment system backed by some of the retail heavy-weights that aims to cut off credit or debit card processing fees by directly taking the money from user’s bank. The CurrentC is all set to be launched next year and would have a dedicated app for iOS and Android. Apart from just being a payment platform, this app would also serve as a platform for retailers in order to offer promotions to consumers.

There is a big list of CurrentC backers that includes Walmart, Kmart, Sears, Bad and Beyond and other US gas station chains. We don’t know how far would CurrentC be a success but for the time being it has certainly raised worries for Apple and pitched in a new competition ahead.

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