A recent report from the Wall-Street Journal shows that both computing giants Microsoft and Google are against the idea of a computer supporting dual OS. This might place an end to Intel’s ides of baking the two OS in a single device.


This concept of dual-OS initially became popular when at the CES 2014 expo Asus unveiled its laptop-tablet device names the Transformer Book Duet. This device was to be seen in the US markets by this month. Still no news are there and the reason behind it seems that Google and Microsoft may be against it. The WSJ report read “Facing pressure from Google and Microsoft, Taiwanese PC maker Asustek Computer Inc has indefinitely postponed plans to sell a high-profile device designed to simultaneously run both Android and Windows software, people familiar with the matter said.”

This opposition has hit Asus and Samsung as both these companies were planning to have their dual-OS devices in the market. However, there is no official word from Google and Microsoft pertaining to this issue at the moment. Principal analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy, Patrick Moorhead said Microsoft does not want [dual-OS devices] to happen.Google wants all-Android devices”

This means that this could be a big jolt to chip manufacturer that worked for a dual-OS device. Moreover, Huawei who is planning to release a dual boot smartphone with Android and Windows Phone might also have to keep its plans on hold.