Last September 2014, when Apple unveiled its iOS 8, it brought a number of camera enhancement features to its platform. One of them included the manual control for the exposure. For this, user needs to tap of the object of focus and move the slider to the right of the marker box, slide up and down and voila in order to control your exposure.

Now many of the handset manufacturers offer this user-control over exposure in most of its premium flagship handsets. However, the solution provided by Apple is very convenient and offers a more better user experience of using the camera controls. However, a recent rumors says that the upcoming update would be bringing a similar manual exposure feature control and is likely to be based on Android 5.1.

The recent information coming from SamMobile shows some of the snapshots(below) that shows up the manual control pretty much similar to the one coming in iOS. The control uses just a light bulb-icon as a slider marker in place of the sun’s in the iPhone’s camera. Check out the leaked screenshots below. the company is expected to bring this feature to the Galaxy S6 in the next Android update.

The Android 5.1 update is expected to be coming in the first week of June where we can possibly see the implantation of this feature. Check out the screenshots below.

Different-exposure-settings (1) Different-exposure-settings (2) Different-exposure-settings