Google Glass is really too expensive, but there are some moments in life that are necessary to capture with or without Google Glass. Record the world from your point-of-view by using Lifelogger. This amazing device will allow you to capture the story of the world from your perspective.

Lifelogger is in the developmental stage. It is expected to get released in late 2014. There is good news for Android or iOS users that this device will allow easy management of all the videos; from editing to uploading to cloud storage, you can do all.

Lifelogger Features:

There are many beneficial features of Lifelogger.
•    128 MB internal memory
•    Support up to 32 GB external memory
•    Wi-Fi
•    5 MP camera
•    GPS
•    Gyro
•    Easy video uploading to cloud storage and after that a person can enjoy:

Lifelogger's face camera

Lifelogger’s face camera

  • Video Stabilization
  • OCR
  • Face detection
  • GPS positioning
  • Voice recognition

•    If you don’t want to upload the data on cloud storage then you can transfer it to USB to edit the video in the way you want. You can use any of your favorite software to do the job.

All in all, Lifelogger is a very handy combination of hardware and services that will allow easy video capturing and then their editing. If you are low on budget and still want to enjoy the precious hours of your life again and again then Lifelogger is something for you as it gives you everything you have been seeking at a very low rates.