Not only computers, nowadays, smartphones or tablets are also prone to hackers. Normally, hackers will steal information such as account details, passwords, important texts, intimate photos etc. Fortunately, smartphones are a little bit harder to crack than average computer. Therefore, normally, hackers will do hidden Wi-Fi attacks or simply walk off with your gadgets. In this entry, we are going to show you how to prevent this.

  1. Keep viruses and malware off of your phone.

There are a few ways that viruses and malwares can be downloaded into your smartphones or tablets. Hackers can either use your contacts to send you malicious links or they also can use websites to trick you into downloading vulnerable apps. To prevent this, there are two apps which can be downloaded as a protection. Lookout and avast!

Lookout can help to track your smartphone if it is stolen or accidentally left behind in a specific location for example: cafe. Avast! will help to scan, remove and protect your phones from potential threats.

  1. Protect against Wi-Fi attacks.

If you are using public Wi-Fi, you are prone to hackers who are able to snoops your data. There are two apps which can be downloaded to prevent this. avast!SecureLine VPN will help to encrypt you data when you transfer using public Wi-Fi. Alternatively, you can also use HotSpot Shield VPN. It is a popular apps from the apps store since it routes your Web traffic through a secure network that hackers cannot penetrate.

  1. Always have a last resort.

When you lost your smartphone and tablets, it is useful if you download these two apps, “Find My iPhone” and “Android Device Manager”. “Find My iPhone” will help you locate your iPhone or iPad using built-in GPS whereas “Android Device Manager” will let you track all your Android devices.