Just day before yesterday, Google unveiled its much awaited Android TV that comes with video and music streaming along with multi-player gaming. Razer is one of the partners of Google who would be providing Android TV Set-top boxes. And now, Razer has officially went out announcing that it is launching Android TV based media console this fall and would be primarily aimed on gaming. However, any compatible hardware for Android TV is expected to not arrive before September but Razer was much excited to make the announcement. The media console from Razer would also be expected to able to view media content with the courtesy of Google Play.

At the time of announcing Android TV, Sharp and Sony were announced as the first OEMs to bring into market dedicated television featuring Android TV. But news are that that Razer is planning to bring in a similar kind of interface as seen in the recently launched Amazon Fire TV.

However at the moment, there is no official word regarding the pricing or hardware of the device but we expect things to get more clear as we approach closer to the launch date. However, Razer has posted an official picture of the media console that hosts a neon lighting at the bottom as seen in the above image.