The second version for the Raspberry Pi computing module has been unveiled and it now comes with more processing prowess and functionality, this model has been launched as the successor to the B+ model and comes more hardware arrangements for USB ports and a more powerful quad-core Cortex A7 CPU at 900MHz. The excellent thing would be that Microsoft would provide a free Windows 10 version for the model and all this comes for a very reasonable pricing of just $35.

The new quad-core Cortex A7 chipset offers 6 times more processing power compared to the earlier ARMv6 single core chipset. Moreover this new chipset is also said to be offering 20x increase in the video decoding performance. The RAM memory has also been doubled with 1GB. Will the software has still been kept pretty much the same as it uses the ARMv6 Raspbian which is based on Debian. The ARMv7 version of Debian is currently reported to be under tests. The ARMv7 version of Ubuntu is available currently.

The best part is that Microsoft will release a Raspberry Pi 2-compatible version of Windows 10, for free! In 2013 the Pi got a free version of Mathematica package, but this is pretty huge – with the extra horse power and a familiar OS, the Pi 2 will make a decent, extremely cheap computer for regular folks as well as tech enthusiasts.

The good part is that the Raspberry Pi 2 would be running the Windows 10 (even though not a full-fledged desktop version) absolutely for free. The module is available for a pricing of just $35. Take a look at the below video.


via: GSMArena