As September is about to start, so many rumors have already spread in the air, and the hottest topic to discuss is the next Apple phone that has been named as iPhone 6, but the original name is still unknown for sure. With so many rumors around, nobody could tell which one will become true when Tim Cook finally announces its next champion.

RAM of Apple iPhone 6 Will Be Same As Its Predecessors

One of the latest rumor about the next Apple phone said that the RAM of the phone will remain same as its predecessors. The 1 GB RAM is expected in said-to-be iPhone 6.

At the first, the rumor was reported by GeekBar and then Weibo re-shared the same information. In the rumor, the leaked papers showed that hardware features of the next Apple phone. The one paper has the title “POP-FIJI-1GB-DDR-BO-BGA”, which meant that the memory department of the predecessor, iPhone 5s, of the Cupertino’s next forerunner would be same. GeekBar has also previously showed leaked schematics for other Apple models. You cannot be sure whether these papers showed the correct memory information.

We cannot say whether the iPhone will have 1 GB RAM. The exact number will only be known when the official phone will be announced by the company. Nowadays, the standard RAM size is 2 GB for phones and many bigger phones are offering 3 GB of RAM also. Soon the market will have the phones with 4 GB of RAM for sure. But what Apple is offering next, we can only guess.