Wearables are in trend nowadays, even though they only can perform a few functions such as count the steps, show time or track your heart rate. However, there are some wearables which are capable to do things out of the ordinary such as forecasting weather or telling you when you are stressed out. In this entry, we are going to list down a few wearables which do just that.

  1. WEZR weather tracker

When you sync WEZR wearables to your phone over Bluetooth, it will show the temperature in your area or is some location of your choice. On top of that, it is equipped with barometer, temperature gauge and humidity sensor.

  1. Microsoft Band Fitness Band

Microsoft Band Fitness Band is capable to measure your heart rate, movement and your exact location. When it is synced with Nokia Lumia 830, you also are able to reply by voice to text messages or record voice memos and reminders.

  1. Kapture Watch

Kapture Watch allows users to record 60-second clips as well as saving them on the phone. It is always recording so if you want to save it, you will need to tap twice. You can also edit the clip and publish them for other users to hear on your iPhone and Android.

  1. Spire

Spire allows you to keep track on your breathing rhythm.  When the device finds that you are breathing heavily, it will vibrate as to remind you to take a break. It also can track steps and calories.