The first few smartphones which comes with a 2K display is LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Both of the device was launched within last year. Qualcomm predicted that more and more smartphones especially the high end range product will come with a 2K display screen resolution, however, the company does not particularly say which manufacturer is it. With the MWC 2015 event which will be held in Barcelona drawing nearer, we can expect that the QHD technology will be turning into reality also.

Although 2K screens are set to hit the mainstream, however, the move of 4K screen on mobile phone will not happen anytime soon. The move of 4K screen is seen much more in the use for tablet display. Since the benefit of a 4K screen can be easily seen on the tablet more than it can be seen on mobile phone. The cost definitely will be lower too.

Executives from HTC, Huawei and Sony has expressed concern on the impact of using a high resolution screen on a mobile phone on the battery life. However, Qualcomm ensures that this concern can be easily solve by using an octa-core processors. Samsung, on the other hand, has perfected the use of 2K display resolution and moving towards 4K display resolution for production as early as next year.


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