Wireless chargers
There is no doubt that wireless charging is a very useful feature. When this feature is combined with the fact that there are many ways to join charging pads with the furniture, it becomes even more special. Acclaimed coffee shops and saloons have already started to arm their facilities with these pads. Now anyone who wants to recharge his phone to some extent will be sure that he can do that without getting wires involved. However, there is one problem with this method, and that is very slow charging. This is one drawback that cannot be ingored because nowadays most flagship mobile phones come along with Quick Charge technologies.

Qiwireless1Qi wireless chargers
The good news is that this will no longer remain a problem especially for the owners of Qi-compatiable handsets. Recently Wireless Power Consortium made a wonderful announcement which is that its latest Qi chargers are able to deliver 15W of power to the battery of a smartphone. This means that within 30 minutes, a fast charge-enabled handset can get 60% charged according to the press release.

Wireless Power Consortium has also made sure that the new chargers will also be able to charge the older smartphones. It is not sure when this technology will be available every where. At the moment, only the members of the Consortium have access to this technology. It is expected that it will be available to the public in the year 2016.