Are you using LG G3 with a QuickCircle Case? Apart from checking the time,taking photo and placing calls , users can now experience a bit of fun on-the-go with a free match-three puzzle game, Puppy Pop. It was recently launched by LG as the first mobile game developed exclusively for its windowed LG G3.

The Puppy Pop game accommodates itself rather nicely in the tiny circle instead of the 5.5 inch QHD screen. It is not only a graphic oriented game but much easier and simpler to play. It can be played without waking up the device and opening the case.

The users are required to draw a line with 3 matching puppies so that they pop and they get points for that stacked puppy faces. The game has a time deadline and the objective of the game is to score as much as possible in the given time. LG have added some bonuses in the game just to groom it up a little bit.

The LG QuickCircle was launched along with the LG G3 and a double tap on the circular window will wake up the device to show the messages, settings and music controls. LG has allowed the developers access to the source code so that they can integrate it in their application.

The Puppy Pop is available for download from the Google Play but to play it you will need to own a LG G3 and spend some bucks to buy the quick circle case.