Prynt Case Instantly Prints a Photo Taken With Your Smartphone

Young French developers have created a Smartphone case that gives the user the ability to print the images captured through the Smartphone.

The Prynt case produces a small hardcopy print of the photo captured with the Smartphone. The size of the case makes it easy to take it anywhere and print anytime.

Prynt comes with a feature where its companion app records a small video clip when the shutter key is pressed and assigns a physical token to the printed photo, so the picture actually holds a small video. If the Prynt app is opened on the Smartphone and someone place the photo in front of the camera, the Smartphone screen will display a ‘Play Button’ on the picture. The play button can then be pressed to play the video which was recorded at the time when the photo was taken.

The feature works similarly like Snapchat but with Prynt it is available in physical form. The company is also trying to develop a feature in which one can take a picture of one thing and apply a different video to that image, which can then be played when someone place the picture in front of the Smartphone running Prynt app.

Prynt will put the device on Kickstarter for support in 2015. The cost will be $99. Prynt case will be made for iOS and Android Smartphones with 4-inch screen size range. The company has also planned to launch a phablet version in future.
Prynt case would be able to hold 30 pictures sheets and the photo could be printed in 30 seconds.