It has happened to all. You put your phone on the couch, but it’s not there after a while. You put your car keys down and you couldn’t find it when you are hurrying out. You forgot to take your bag and belonging while walking out of the restaurant after lunch. If you have done or experienced this once in a while and it cost you time and money, don’t worry Kensington’s Proximo wouldn’t let you miss your mobile phone, keys, little items & bags anymore.

Yes, Proximo’s design is very much different than other tagging systems available in the market. It also provides protection against theft to an extent; you’ll be alerted to any of your tagging items which leave the range.

Proximo starter kit comes with one fob and one tag. The units are made of ubiquitous black ABS plastic. The fob looks similar to a small car key blipper and its 2x1x0.5 inch (length, width & thickness) in size. The round tag is of size 1.5×0.5 inch (diameter & thickness) respectively. Both tag units have metal rings embedded in them so that can be attached to a key ring. The starter kit includes small and large keyring-style loops to attach to larger items or bags.


The devices uses CR2032 watch batteries. Kensington, the company who manufactures the Proximo claims that the battery would last around six months. The company includes a miniature screwdriver in the starter kit to replace the battery.

Function 1 : Locator

It’s just like the old whistle-activated key finders. In Bluetooth tags, you have to press the “Find” button on the free Proximo Apple iPhone app. One missing feature is that the devices are not labeled in the app’s home screen. If you have multiple tags you have to touch the image to view name and details. The fob appears louder than the tag. The fob can be heard even about 50 or 60 feet away.


The alarm can be cancelled by pressing the button on the fob or you can silent it by touching the “Dashboard” text on the app which takes you to the app’s home screen.


Function 2 : Proximity Alarm

It alerts you when you leave something behind. The function is commonly seen in other tagging system available in market. It helps by alerting when you leave you walled behind while stepping out or when you leave the restaurant without your tagged bag.


Alarm goes off as soon as you go out of Bluetooth range. Both phone and fob would alert with alarm sound. The tag device is limited to standard siren type sound however you can choose alert sound on your Apple iPhone. There are 14 built in sounds to choose from and also you are allowed to choose a sound track from your Apple iPhone music library. You can configure whether the alarm to sound once or continuously until cancelled.

Naturally the distance of the Bluetooth range varies. It’s typically between 40 and 80 feet depending on obstacles like walls, doors, etc., The response is pretty much quick and usually the alarm goes off as soon as you leave the medium size building.


Both function 1 & 2 are typically available in most of the tagging devices available in the market. The next three functions make the Proximo unique and advance from other device. Let’s check them out.

Function 3 : Quiet Mode

The proximity alarms are designed to alert when items are left behind or about however you might not want it to sound at home. Quiet mode comes handy to avoid occasional false alarm in short range when you are at home, especially when you are sleeping.


Quiet mode function allows you to set your home address as a location. The system won’t sound the alarm when the phone is identified to be at home address. The quiet mode function is based on the location of your phone so you will still be alerted when you leave a tagged thing behind when you step out of the house. In the below screenshot the app has recognized that the phone is at home and it wouldn’t sound any “Proximity Alarms” though they are alive.

You can cancel alarm of any tag by just touching the alarm icon to cancel it, especially when you are not taking the item with you.

Function 4 : Distance Indicator

Distance indicator is another distinct feature that the app is capable enough to display a visual distance indicator for each tagged device. The function depends on the randomness of Bluetooth propagation. The below screenshot displays the distance of different tags which are located at different corners of a house. The visual indicator is very useful in noise public places, say in a bar and a fast-food restaurant when the alarm sound of the fob device is less audible.


Function 5 : Phone-Left-Behind Alarm

This function is quiet amazing. The tags have standard one way communication, it can be triggered from the Apple iPhone app but the fob comes with two way communication capability. The fob can alert when the phone triggers alarm and also the fob can trigger alarm on your phone. This is a never before feature in any of the tagging products available in the market.

Check out the Proximo demonstration video here!

Bluetooth tagging products as such is not a new idea and it’s be around in use in various forms for a while now. But, Proximo is a product which offers more functionality in today’s market. The product is officially retailed for $60. Even though Kensington’s Proximo havs some added features, it sounds bit costly for a starter kit that comes with two items (one fob and one tag).

There are some quite good deals available in Amazon – the product available at a discounted price $25 direct from Kensington. The additional tags costs around $12.95 in Amazon and it’s direct from Kensington. Twenty five dollars for the device is really a good deal to keep the items secure and to stay relaxed.

Con: Proxima’s Bluetooth LE is supported on the Apple iPhone 4S, 5S and 5C only.