Android wear is google’s operating system for wearables. The reason for making a different version of Android specifically for wearable devices is to provide a consistent experience across devices. With android in many other devices such as TVs, Cameras, and even Cars, its exciting to see what wearable android devices will bring to the market.

There have been other android watches but so far they have had their own custom version of Android. Google released the Android SDK earlier this year. The LG G Watch is the first android watch to use the Android wear SDK.

Promo for LG G Watch Released - 1 - Doi Toshin

A video was released recently which shows the LG G Watch in its finished form. The video does not tell us anything that we didn’t know, but its a nice reminder of how the finished product will look.

The watch is to be released in champagne gold and stealth black. Its designed to be water resistant but we don’t know how much just yet. According to LG the watch is designed to be “always-on”. Details about the battery have not been released just yet.

The LG G Watch is supposed to be a smartwatch but we don’t know how many features will they be able to fit into its tiny form factor. Rumors suggest that the watch is going to have a 1.65 inch display (possibly OLED), and a 280 x 280 pixel display. It is also rumored to have a RAM capacity of about 512 MB and 4 GB of storage memory.

Since its the first device to come with the new Android wear operating system, this is one product to watch. There are probably some things that need to be improved and some very new things that only this smartwatch might be capable of.

According to LG France, the LG G Watch will go for sale in Europe for €199.