Project Spartan is the new official browser for Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 OS. Microsoft is giving farewell to its Internet Explorer by switching to brand new look and feel. It is simple, modern, flat, feels perfect in context of its new Windows 10 OS and corresponding universal applications.

Project Spartan is coming with three substantial new features, explained below.

Cortana with prompt results

Project Spartan is also going to have smart assistant alike its internal Windows 10 OS. Cortana integration starts when users write something with contextual meaning. By typing ‘weather’, users would be able to see weather forecast details. While typing ‘Delta’, user would get information about their upcoming Delta Airlines flight without actual searching. It is promising much faster experience giving a nightmare to their Mountain View counterparts. Cortana also notifies information about different places: contacts, directions, hotels, gas stations, restaurant menus and many more.


Project Spartan provides note-taking feature to write down notes on top of web pages. Users can also draw on the screen with their fingers and can add comments anywhere on a webpage. All the corrresponding doodling gets saved and can be easily shared and synced with OneNote.

Reading mode

Microsoft has brought offline reading list feature like we have in apps like Pocket. The ‘yet-to-be’ read pages list syncs across all the smartphones, laptops and tablets.

The final touch we want to highlight is the new definition feature appearing after right clicking on any word. Now we hope Project Spartan integrates Google Translate feature for automatic translation of pages in near future.





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source: Microsoft
Images courtesy of TheVerge.